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Choosing golf clubs as a woman

Posted by Alfred on

Over the years, golf courses have been becoming more and more women friendly. Number of women who golf has risen too, so it’s probably safe to say that the commitment by courses to make themselves women friendly paid off.

Golfers, regardless of their gender, are only allowed to have 14 clubs on the course. This number has been settled on so that people would be allowed to have clubs for any particular distance they wanted. So it’s our responsibility to wisely choose the golf clubs to carry, because they’ll be crucial to achieving the results we want. In today’s post, i’ll be talking about choosing golf clubs for women – how to do it, what are some of my tips and what mistakes you should avoid.


Sheer number of women who wanted to play golf has inspired golf equipment manufacturers to start making quality golf clubs for women. These clubs were only slightly different from men’s clubs, but some small changes had to be made. Among other things, women’s arms are usually not as strong as men’s,  so designs had to be tweaked to account for these differences.

It’s hard to single out any golf club, or club set, because everyone’s situation is different. Some are beginners, while others are experts, and others aren’t even women but men looking for golf clubs to buy for their wives or mothers. All i can do is teach you how to land on good women’s golf clubs. If there’s anything else you don’t understand, this tutorial will be further help.

First of all, pay attention to your height and choose clubs accordingly. If you fail to do so, and clubs turn out to be too large or short for your arms, you’ll have to have them customized and fitted so that they work for you.

There’s also issue of choosing club sets vs buying individual clubs one by one. In my opinion, if you’re a beginner, it’s always better to buy whole set of clubs, for two reasons. First is that – it will be much cheaper, so it will allow you to stretch your budget further. Club sets sometimes come with club bags, too, so that’s another opportunity to cut costs. Second of all, when you’re just getting started, you don’t need fancy clubs to learn how to play. You can, and should get started with something simple, like affordable women’s club sets offered by Callaway, and improve your golf skills with those. Once you’ve gotten better, you can always upgrade.

If you’re more of an expert, then buying individual clubs is probably wiser choice. But if you were an expert, you probably wouldn’t be taking advice from my blog post.