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What are hybrid golf clubs? are they useful?

Posted by Alfred on

Golfers, and especially beginners, are often confused about hybrids. They aren’t clear about what these clubs do and what they are used for. At first glance, they seem like mixture of features from woods and irons, that are inferior to both these kinds of clubs. There’s some truth in that misconception, but in general, it doesn’t hold up to reality. Hybrids are, in my opinion, one of the best innovations in golf clubs. They are versatile and easier to hit, thus allowing beginner golfers more freedom of action than they ever had before. Because of that, hybrids have been becoming increasingly popular every year, and now, i think most golfers have at least one hybrid club in their bag. They usually call that one club a rescue club, because hybrids have rare ability to rescue golfer from tough situations and spots.


To properly describe hybrids and what they do, we must first examine key characteristics of irons and woods. The latter, are longer golf clubs with larger heads, and their primary use is to make the ball travel a long distance while sacrificing a little bit of accuracy. Irons, on the other hand, are smaller clubs with small heads, but very accurate. What hybrids try to achieve is, taking best features of both of these clubs and combining them into one. For example, irons are notoriously hard to hit, but hybrids are not. Meanwhile, hybrids have more accuracy than woods. They are definitely not as accurate as irons, but considering irons’ difficulty of use, hybrids come out definitely the most superior golf club of the three. At least, that’s how i see it.

Hybrid golf clubs were first created about twenty years ago, by TaylorMade. First versions, as of everything, weren’t the best, but they raised enough interest from the public to motivate TaylorMade into further improving them. Years passed, and other club manufacturers joined the bandwagon, improving hybrids’ design and performance along the way. Now, every beginner knows how capable these clubs are, and carries at least few hybrids in his/her golf bag at all times. In just twenty years, hybrids have become inseparable part of most golfers’ golf bags, and i think that’s so remarkable.

I want to further emphasize other advantages of hybrid, other than being easier to hit. Hybrids are also very good for shooting your ball out of roughs. Roughs are certain terrains on the golf course that are intended to make it hard for golfer to hit the ball. As i’ve mentioned before, because of this feature that hybrids have, they are also called rescue golf clubs.

Beginner golfers love the hybrids, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones frequently using them. Many of my golfer friends, who have years of experience, carry at least one hybrid with them, because of multitude of reasons we’ve covered above. Even professional golfers, playing at the tournaments, are starting to use them now. So that should really give you the idea of how useful these clubs are.