How to improve your golf skills

Posted by Alfred on

Learning to play golf at amateur level isn’t hard. All you need is basic golf club set to get you started. Once you have that, you should learn basic rules of the game and head straight to the course and start playing. Eventually, you’ll get better, but more importantly, you’ll have fun playing on the weekends. But some competitive people want more than that. So if you’re one of them, and want to get as good at golf as you possibly can, this blog post is for you. Today, we’ll be discussing how to reach your maximum potential as a golfer.


One obvious way to do this, is taking golf lessons. But there are two drawbacks to this approach – first of all, golf lessons are expensive, and second of all, it takes a lot of time. Some people think that golf lessons are pointless, especially after taking one or two classes. There’s evidence that for most people, golf lessons are pretty much ineffective after first or second class. That’s when you learn the basics, and once you do, your learning curve pretty much plateaus, because the rest of the skills aren’t acquired by following teachers, but by doing the thing itself. That’s why, some people, including myself, think that lessons are pointless. Time can be spent much more effectively by observing your friends play the game. And they won’t charge you on per-hour basis, either. If you really want to attend a golf lesson,  just take them once or twice. More than that, and you’ll be wasting your money.

Other way to improve your golf skills, is to spend time playing the game itself. I’ve read somewhere that it takes thousands of hours of doing something to become really good at that thing, and i couldn’t agree more. I apply the same approach to improving my golf performance – the only lessons i’ve used to improve my game are the trials and failures i went through. And looking back, i wouldn’t change a thing.

So to sum it all up, if you’re a beginner, my recommendation would be to get decent club set. I’m a women, so can only speak of golf clubs for ladies, and i recommend kalea club set by TaylorMade. GolfClubsGuru wrote excellent review on kalea club set. It’s not the cheapest option on the market, but if you have budget for it, the quality is worth the money. If you don’t, Callaway sells some good women’s club sets  with their Strata line. Plus, buying used is always an option. And once you have those clubs, just learn basics from internet, your friends, or maybe even go to a golf lesson, but once you master the basics, it’s better to play on your own and get better that way.