Why do young people not like golf anymore

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It’s no secret that golf is not as popular as it used to be. Especially among younger people. Ever since the depression in the nineties, golf’s popularity has been declining, it didn’t even stop after the economic downturn ended. One might argue that golf is on the decline due to the competition – there are so many other cheaper ways to entertain yourself in 2018. Netflix, video games, improved TV – i think all of these players are in direct competition with golf, and they seem to be winning. Also, the fact that golf equipment keeps getting expensive while inflation-adjusted income is on the decline, doesn’t help the matters, either.

How did we get here?

While i must admit i’m no expert, and haven’t done professional research to support my opinions, i have some ideas that might explain golf’s apparent decline in popularity. I think it has something to do with greedines of golf equipment manufacturers and brands. Back in the seventies, when i first started playing golf as a kid, clubs weren’t released this frequently, so you didn’t have to cough up thousands of dollars every year just to stay competitive. Meanwhile, in recent years, brands realized that rich people were willing to pay more frequently to have newest and hottest golf clubs, so they started designing and releasing new golf clubs much more often. That leaves average-income golfers in sharp disadvantage, as golf clubs are almost as important to your results as expertise. But there is a way out – there are plenty of golf clubs that aren’t expensive but will improve your game as much as top notch clubs. There’s good guide with tips and tricks i used to find those clubs.


Golf also wasn’t of particular millenials, people who represent biggest demographic in the USA. This shouldn’t come as surprise, because 21st century has brought us ability to entertain ourselves whenever we want, wherever we want. While some people still prefer outdoors activities like golf, others preferred indoors entertainment if given the choice. Gaming industry was built on those people, so was Netflix and myriad of other innovations that changed entertainment industry forever. In 21st century, expectations of customers have never been higher, and with it’s high prices and time consuming process, golf just can’t compare to other forms of entertainment as well as it used to. That didn’t affect businessmen, who still found playing golf to be effective way to make deals and network.

I’ve also heard my grandson complain that golf’s rules are too complicated. And that probably has something to do with convenience of entertainment i mentioned above. Some young people just can’t be bothered to learn how to play golf. And if you don’t know how to play – of course you won’t enjoy it.